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I'm doing a pretty good job weaning myself off of Facebook. I only check it twice a day, before and after work. Mostly I just skim through all the garbage and stop at what I call the real posts that friends or family make. And, there are a small handful of groups I like to check out like HONY and Vice News. Other than that stuff and private messages, I am stepping away from social media. This is the only online presence that I will maintain. At least for now.

In financial news, which seems to be my favorite subject, life has thrown us yet another curve ball. For one glorious month, we were both working at the same time. We were making loads of money and getting ready to get some important shit taken care of. Welp, Will's job let him go because they said he wasn't learning and picking up his pace fast enough. Now, I was Will's boss. I know his work ethic. He is no slacker and is as smart as a whip. When he comes home telling me how badly they set him up to fail, I believe him without a doubt. I know how hard he works to prove himself. So, now he is unemployed again. Luckily, we didn't have to wait an ungodly amount of time for his unemployment benefits to kick in this time.

So, just before he was let go we started to notice that the car was acting weird and a loud knocking noise started coming from the engine. We took over to a mexican mechanic we've dealt with a few times in the past and had them check it out. After about 20 minutes they come back out and tell us it's something wrong inside the engine its self and it would be very costly to even open it up and look. So, we offered to pay for their time but they insisted on nothing so off we went. Now I'm looking at having to get a new car, and quickly. The longer I have driven it, the symptoms have grown more severe. I hope it can hold out for a couple more months because, wait... there's more!

Will got served papers to appear in court for failure to pay his back child support. So, we were like FUCK, how are we going to get up there, first of all. And, FUCK, how are we going to come up with all of this child support money and have money to get the "new" car? Welp, obviously keeping Will out of jail is kind of the priority, right? So, we skrimped and we saved over the course of the next 3 weeks that we had until his hearning. We managed to get about half of the money he owes. A week beforehand I put in a reservation at a rental car company for first thing in the morning.of our trip. Although Will was still at near panic attack levels of anxiety, I was feeling 90% confident that everything would go smoothly. But, of course, it didn't. On the morning of his hearing, we stop at the rental car place first thing in the morning. There were hardly any cars outside so I got nervous that maybe they opened later in the day. I parked and started walking up to the door to see what their hours were. There was another car parked just outside the door with someone sitting inside. My social anxiety bug kicked in so as soon as I could make out an opening time on the sign I pivoted right around and proceeded to freak the fuck out. Why? Because the time I glanced on the door read 10am and we literally needed to be on the road by then if we were going to safely make it on time.

So, I get back in the car and we are having a debate about whether to risk driving the Saturn up there and we are both petrified of the idea of doing that more than the idea of being late to his hearing. We come up with a plan to go hit the bank first and pull out the cash since the bank opens at 9 and then come back and rent the car as soon as they unlock their door.  Get to the bank, (which is inside Wal-Mart), and to my horror.. it doesn't open at 9 afterall. It opens at 10. FUCK.

At this point, Will is almost completely defeated but I give a little pep talk about how we can take the toll roads to save time and I will speed a little bit. We decide to go back to the rental place and hope they open up a little early. I pull up at 9:40am and I notice a guy, obviously a customer, walk inside. Yay! We can cut off 20 mins is what I'm thinking as I walk up to the door. As we get closer, I slowly realize that the opening time for every day of the week, except Sunday which is 10am, actually reads 8am. I screwed up. Badly. We could of already had the damn car and been on our way. I felt like such a dumbass. But Will was cool about it. We get inside and long story short, they wouldn't rent me a car because I don't have a major credit card. Defeated, we leave. Again, we debate driving the Saturn up there and back. Ended up deciding against it. So, we ended up missing it. Luckily we had the money saved up for it already so we got a money order and sent it off. Guess we should send everything we can at this until it's caught up and then worry about other stuff.

Hopefully, this teaches both of us a lesson in procrastination.

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