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Things are still going well, surprisingly. The only bad thing that has happened in recent weeks would be Wisconsin child support catching up with WIll and taking about 25% of his paycheck every week. God, I can't wait till that kid is 18. It kills us financially. Plus, the court ordered Will to supply health insurance so he has to pay for the family rate now which sucks ass. On top of that, if the kid goes to the doctor, I'm sure there is a deductable so now we are gonna start getting his medical bills rolling in that we are gonna have to pay out of our pockets. Just wonderful! All while the mother sits on her unemployed ass and collects government aid.

I haven't been able to save up much money since I last wrote. We have been blowing money on stupid shit for the past month or so. It's probably a result of being so broke for the past few months. Gotta get all the built up 'need-to-spend-my-money-on-something-selfish' feeling flushed out before we get down to business. At least the plates on my car are legal again so I did manage to accomplish one goal in October. Next month Will wants to save up a few hundred and buy a new TV on Black Friday. Our current one has a myriad of problems which leads us to believe it's on its death bed. It was a cheap TV that we bought on Black Friday about 6 years ago. Beyond November, I'm not sure what we are going to do. We will probably have to hunker down and restrict ourselves to spending money on basic needs. From what I understand, the plant where we work at closed for 2 weeks at the end of the year. Everyone had to collect unemployment last year.

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