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The Ongoing Saga of Me

10 Years and Counting...

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*My name is Shannon.
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*I'm 41 and still having a hard time dealing with being over 40.
*No kids... and probably will not have any.
*I am a music fanatic.
*I am addicted to cross-stitching, drawing and cooking so expect frequent pictures of my latest creations.
*I have a pretty severe case of social phobia. It's difficult for me to participate in any group events where I might attract attention to myself and I have a big problem with talking on the phone.. especially to strangers. As I've gotten older, I've found I am slowly coming out of my shell. Slooooowly.
*I love the outdoors. I like to just sit on my porch just as twilight falls and listen to all of the night sounds. I hope someday I can own a home on a lake or in the woods (or both at the same time!)
*I smoke pot occasionally but I do not drink or do any other drugs. I am open about my pot use, so this is a warning if you are sensitive to that subject.
*I am a practicing Wiccan.

Snuggle Bunny!

1.) I'm afraid to go to the washroom in public and especially at work. I'll do it if there isn't anyone else in there but if there is someone in one of the stalls I'll turn around and leave.
2.) I love animals to the point where I get upset even passing the lobster tank at the grocery store but yet I'll still eat some meat. I only like processed or ground up meat. I really dislike to eat any meat straight off the bone.
3.) When I was 8, I went with my Brownie troop to the Bozo show. I got to play in one of the games and my parents still have the tape of me on TV blowing up and popping paper lunch bags. My team won and I got a box of twinkies and some stationary/school supplies and a huge tube of tootsie rolls.
4.) I am obsessed with most sushi and I wish I could eat it every single day.
5.) I love garage sales but I don't like haggling or going through peoples stuff while they are watching me. I also feel embarrassed to leave a garage sale without buying anything.
6.) I have only been fired from one job.
7.) I've passed up countless job opportunities because I was too scared to go in for a scheduled interview even though I made the effort to get dressed up and drive all the way there.
8.) I don't like attracting attention to myself but yet for some reason I still try to... like in HS, I shaved the bottom half of my head.. or, almost every car I've owned I've plastered with crazy bumper stickers.
9.) I have 2 younger sisters... both of whom hit big birthdays this year: Sarah, who just turned 30 and Heidi who just turned 21 years old.
10.) I've always loved my name. I like that's it's fairly unique. I am always thankful that I wasn't named Jennifer. Sorry to all of the Jennifer's out there but I friggin' hate that name... there are too many of you.
11.) I smoke pot and I think it is safe enough to be legalized. However, I don't think any other recreational drugs are safe enough.
12.) I've tripped on acid a few times but never tried anything else hard like coke or herion and I never will.
13.) I don't like alcohol and I think anyone who drives even slightly impaired is an asshole.
14.) I wish I lived in a more rugged environment like Alaska or Montana or something like that.
15.) Although I've had several dogs as pets, I've never gotten them as puppies.
16.) I generally have an excellent work ethic as long as I am mentally challenged and have enough work to keep me busy.
17.) I don't like small talk.
18.) People that don't know me well rarely laugh at my humor. Ernie loves my humor.
19.) I'm afraid to use the phone.. even to talk to people I know. If it's something confrontational, like calling the bank to question a charge, forget it.
20.) I rarely get sick.
21.) I wish I had the creativity in me to write a novel.
22.) In third grade, I beat out my entire year and won the Katie Kangaroo contest. We had to draw a picture that depicted say no to drugs or some crap and mine was the best apparently. I got to have my picture in the newspaper and they gave me a huge, stuffed, pink kangaroo as a prize.
23.) I am a perfectionist which is why I rarely finish any creative projects that I start and which is also why cross-stitching is a perfect fit for me. I still get to create something but I'm following a pattern.
23.) My middle name is Marie.
24.) I wish I could own a cat but my husband doesn't want one and we are both allergic to them anyways.
25.) I prefer to drive cars with manual transmissions.
26.) I wish I knew more about my parents when they were younger.
27.) I also which I knew more about my ancestry.
28.) I don't make and keep friends very easily.
29.) I get claustrophobic in crowded places.
30.) When I hear someone laugh or conversation seems to halt as I pass someone, I always assume it's because of me.
31.) Although I've always hated it, I sometimes miss being a waitress.
32.) I love to dress in earth tones like green, brown, rust, etc..
33.) Fall is my favorite time of year.
34.) Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for.. followed closely by Xmas (without the Jesus... Xmas was Yule and was stolen from the Pagans).
35.) I do not subscribe to any organized religions, however, I am a very spiritual person.
36.) I often daydream about having my own yard to garden in.
37.) I think The Rolling Stones suck and I don't understand why they are still around.
38.) I wish I could have kids but I don't think I'll ever be ready, which is sad.
39.) I love bacon.
40.) My hair started going gray when I was 17 years old and now I am probably about 40-50% gray.
41.) I started smoking cigarettes when I was 17 and I quit when I was 29. I still miss them sometimes but I hate how they smell on other people.
42.) I'm afraid to go swimming in a body of water like a lake or the ocean.
43.) I've never had more than $3000 in my bank account at one time.
44.) I've never owned a new car.
45.) In school, I played trumpet from 5th grade until 12th grade and to this day when I see a marching band on some college football game I tear up a little bit.
46.) I prefer Burger King over other fastfood burger places but my favorite fast food of all is Quizno's.
47.) I am allergic to most perfumes or other strong smelling things like incense and air fresheners.
48.) In HS, I purposely flunked speech because I was too frightened to speak in front of my class.
49.) I wish I had the ability to travel the world.
50.) I went on a school trip to Great Britain in 11th grade and I want to go back someday and see it through adult eyes.
51.) I've always had a horrible memory and I would get in trouble a lot for forgetting to do something.
52.) When I am by myself I think outloud a lot or else my thoughts tend to repeat themselves in my head.
53.) I have a small lisp when I talk... at least that's what I'm told. I went to speech therapy briefly when I was in elementary school but never took it seriously.
54.) I mumble too much.
55.) I have a hard time hearing people talk when there is background noise.
56.) I love to wear sandals.
57.) I don't like to wear shorts or skirts.
58.) I think I have pretty eyes and it's the one thing I've gotten compliments on the most.
59.) My favorite films include Hitchcock movies, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Color Purple and Amelie. Also, I prefer movies with stimulating cinematography.
60.) I don't listen to the radio anymore and I rarely know what songs or artists are popular unless their name comes up in the news for some reason. I prefer Indie artists.
61.) I like strategy games over those fast action shoot-em-up things.
62.) The smell of garlic being cooked immediately makes me hungry.
63.) I love taking photographs for fun but the perfectionist in me is never satisfied with the quality of the images that come out.
64.) When I'm bored, I often Google names of people I used to work with or go to school with to see if I can find out what they are up to.
65.) I once tried to start my own web design business but I was too scared to market myself so I gave up. I taught myself HTML and always designed my pages by hand.. no HTML editors.
66.) I used to go on road trips by myself all of the time. I've seen most of this country all by myself.
67.) I prefer vanilla over chocolate and I prefer white chocolate over both of those.
68.) People in positions of authority like cops, my dad, my bosses... scare the shit out of me.
69.) I have an excellent sense of direction.
70.) I like to sneeze.
71.) When I'm driving and the smell of skunk creeps in the car, I roll down the windows. I like that smell for some reason.
72.) If I see a dead animal on the side of the road, I sometimes cry.
73.) I taught myself how to ride a bike.
74.) I am a reality show junkie. Although, my favorite show of all time is Six Feet Under.
75.) To me, tea tastes like sweet piss.
76.) I do love the taste of coffee but I have to drink decaf these days. I like my coffee with just a little sugar and lots of cream.
77.) I've only been to a Starbucks once and I didn't get coffee.
78.) I'm petrified of driving in the snow.
79.) I tend to form friendships with men more often than women.
80.) I've seen the David Letterman show live. The guests were Jenny McCarthy, some guy from Chicago Hope and Tori Amos.
81.) I don't like to vacuum. Once, when I was younger, I vacuumed up a quarter and ruined my parent's vacuum. My dad accused me of purposely breaking it so I wouldn't have to clean. Ever since then I've had some kind of involuntary fright of vacuuming. Same thing with lawn mowers, almost the same reason only I drove it over some wet grass that killed the motor.
82.) I think I am very intelligent but when I get around people I don't know I suddenly feel very stupid.
83.) I generally eat very little unless I have something that I love to eat and then I stuff myself beyond capacity.
84.) After elementary school, due to mostly to very low self-esteem, I got fairly poor grades in most subjects.
85.) I could spend a years salary in a day in a bookstore.
86.) I think I'm a little bit psychic.
87.) I have a tendency to replay stupid things I've done over and over in my head.. even stuff I did years ago.
88.) I was once in an abusive relationship. The worst time, I was punched in the face, which resulted in a black eye, broken nose and busted lip. I will never allow that to happen to me again.
89.) Besides my husband, every boyfriend I have ever had has cheated on me.
90.) I collect coins.
91.) I think hunting just for the sport of it is ludicrous.
92.) I don't get why women fawn over Tom Cruise. However, I do get how they fawn over Brad Pitt.
93.) I believe in ghosts.
94.) When I was 12, I wrote the Cubs and asked to be a bat girl. They wrote me back and told me only boys could do it.
95.) I have a tendency to be attracted to redheads.
96.) I always tell people I'm Irish even though I have a lot of other stuff in me.
97.) I often embellish the truth to make a story more interesting.
98.) I can't help but be nosy and I like to listen to gossip but I rarely pass it on.
99.) I get tense when I drive to the point where I sometimes get a headache.
100.) I adore Hello Kitty stuff.


There have been stretches of time where I have used primarily "friends only" to post my thoughts. Unfortunately, if you feel that I'm interesting enough to come and visit every so often, you may want to create an account on put me on your friends list. I won't bite. :) BUT, please don't feel offended if I don't "friend" you back. I like to read journals that are real people talking about their thoughts and things they go through on a daily basis.

Also, I don't often use profanity but I do use it every so often and I talk about my opinion on politics and organized religion on occasion so if any of that offends you, you may want to reconsider hanging out with me here.

Welcome! I hope you stick around for awhile :)
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