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Up-Swing, I Hope

So, things are starting to look as though they are on the upswing again. I don't like writing in here when my life is a complete mess. It still is a mess right now but at least I can start to manage my problems instead of simply freaking out about them. For a while there, I was worried we were going to be faced with eviction again. Will's unemployment stopped paying out near the end of May. I'm still working full-time but I only make $12. Not nearly enough money to cover all of our expenses. The rent here is $850 a month alone which is more than half of my take home pay. Anyhow, thanks to my sister's nephew, Eric, we got a tip about a sushi restaurant that was looking for a dishwasher. It's not 40 hours per week and they only pay 9 an hour but it's cash, so that's nice. It'll hold us over till Will finds the perfect job.

My car, as usual, has developed a litany of mechanical problems over the past couple of months. We were in the process of saving up for a new car before this latest financial crisis hit so I had to blow all of that money on other expenses. After we are done playing catch-up, I'll have to start saving all over again. We will have to settle for something bottom barrell. Like less than $1000. Sharing one car that is on it's death bed is really at the forefront of my worry right now. Once we can get past that, I can focus on knocking out the next thing. Filing for divorce!

I have an interview on Wednesday for basically the same job I'm doing right now but for $14.70 an hour. They seem really excited about me. My friend Amy was hired by them first and she talked me up to them. She is an awesome chick by the way. It's not often I make a true connection with people but I will be very disappointed if this friendship flounders. She is supposed to be coming by later today totouch up my hair for me. It's partly blue and teal right now. :)

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